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Advanced technolgies

These days translation is supported by the latest generation linguistic tools. These are not automatic translation programmes, but specific software aimed at providing optimum translation quality. These linguistic tools make it possible to:


  • construct specific technical glossaries.

  • create translation memories.

  • analyse and process texts faster.

  • provide advantageous prices, because repeated words are priced at 50%.



For each of its clients CDL develops technical glossaries specific to their sector of activity, and continuously updates them.
Today for all languages our glossaries contain more than 1 million terms. This is an invaluable linguistic tool and an essential factor in the consistency of project processing.


Translation Memories

We work with “SDL Trados Studio” and “DéjaVu”, computer assisted translation (CAT) software. These tools are used in the creation of translation memories. These databases, which contain all the translations carried out for our clients, make it possible to use previously translated texts for subsequent projects.
This results in higher working speeds, improvement in quality (adherence to terminology) and more advantageous prices as repeated words are priced at 50% of a so-called “full” word.



Translations carried out by our agency are archived for 5 years.
This linguistic archiving makes it possible to provide any updates to a previous version, without this entailing the cost of a new translation.

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